Week One Lessons


And the first week has come to a close! It's already been a learning experience. I think the biggest lesson I'm in the middle of is how to better manage my time.

I had spent months leading up to this telling myself that I would have so much extra time once I quit my job, that I'd be able to do anything and everything. After repeating it so much in my head, I began to believe it. To a fault perhaps. I mean, on paper it makes sense. 55 hours! I'd be getting back 55 hours a week and that's so much time. What I hadn't realized is that without enough focus that time can fly by.

Now don't get me wrong. I wrote up that week long To-Do list and short of one script (that I plan to write tonight), I've done everything on it. All the while I also got myself to the gym three times and spend an afternoon at Jury Duty. So it's not like I failed at time management or anything. I just wasn't bathed in free time like I convinced myself I would be.

I'm OK with that. I went into this week thinking it would be this structured undertaking. I'd "start the day" in the morning and "clock out" it the evening. In reality I was just kind of graze working. I'd do some work for a few hours, then play games for a few hours, then work again, and so on.

I also do think the videos are about to really benefit from the extra time I spent on them. I'm going to speak to it more on this week's podcast, but the extra time has allowed me to really go the extra mile with research.

The upcoming Grad Nite video likely wouldn't have happened if I didn't have the extra hours to research, and tomorrow's video definitely wouldn't have happened considering I spend all day collecting and editing the clips for it.

All in all it was a pretty good week. I'm sure the panic will set in when the 15th rolls around and I don't get the regular paycheck I've come to expect over the last four years. Week two is also bound to be a little hectic, as I'm working on two extra videos to put up while I'm down at Disney. 

Should be no problem though. I mean, come on, 55 hours!