It's the 15th. No paycheck. Panic! PANIC!

(Just kidding. I'm fine.)

Actually if I'm honest, I'm more than fine. I spent the evening working on my finances and for the month of January Rob Plays will actually be in the black, which is something I 100% wasn't expecting to happen this early.

That said, I also don't expect it to last. The big two reasons for those numbers working out in my favor is that I'm still on my old company's health insurance until the end of the month, and since YouTube's payout is a month delayed, I'll be getting the much nicer Q4 earnings from December next week.

So next month when I get the much lower Q1-level payout* and have to start paying for new insurance, I'll be back in the red. I was planning for that though so I'm not stressing it. The overall goal is to get into the black by late summer. So if I can get this close within the first month, things are looking pretty good.

On top of that, I have to start thinking about two celebrations to hold this month. At the moment we're sitting at 99 patrons, and I'd love to do something fun for everyone once we hit 100. I'm thinking either a 3rd live stream or a special behind-the-scenes video. 

We're also just a little over 200 subscribers away from 50,000, which is a milestone I never thought I'd reach. This time last year I was at 14,000 subscribers. So I end up sitting here of two minds. The optimistic part of me looks at how that one perfect video earned me 36,000 subscribers and thinks that with enough work and luck, I might just be able to hit 100k subs in the next year or two. Yet the pessimistic part of me realizes that it took four years before that "perfect video" came along, and it may very well be another four before I see any more significant growth.

Then the realistic part of me comes along and reminds myself that 100k is just a number, and that the satisfaction of all this relies on so much more than just a dumb number. Seeing 100k up there one day would be nice, and I'm about 51% sure I'll cry if I ever get that silver play button plaque, but the real gift is that for the first time in a couple of years I didn't end off my Sunday night "Ugh, I don't want to go to work tomorrow."

It's not the superficial perks like sleeping in or not commuting, it's the excitement of actually wanting to work on the next task on my to-do list. It's the pleasure of getting e-mails and tweets from people who are inspired to pick up a Disney book to learn more about a subject.

If it comes down to all that or a silver plaque on my wall, then YouTube can keep the plaque. ("Yeah but let's try to get both" -Optimistic Brain)

For the big 50,000 I was going to put together a short montage of old clips from videos over the last five years. I figured statistically most people on the channel came aboard over the last few months, so it might be novel to see all the types of content I worked on before I found that Disney history format.

That means digging through old videos and finding treasures like this (NSFW language at points):


It'll be a nice trip down memory lane, but then it's time to look forward.

* - Since advertising budgets and doled out annually and most advertisers have a "use it or lose it policy", the result ends up being that advertisers spend much more money in Q3 and Q4 than they do in Q1 and Q2. This manifests in an extreme where ad rates are highest in those weeks leading up to New Years before plummeting on January 1st. As a quick example, I'm projected to have MORE views in January than I did in December, yet I'm also projected to make are 50% LESS revenue than last month.
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