Last Second Changes


I think I'm drawn to last second changes and chaos with my channel.

Over the past week or so I've been doubling up the work in order to get extra videos completed for while I'm away at Disney, and part of that was giving the Disney Q&A another shot.

It's a series I used to do back in the Minecraft days. I would run around MC Magic (now Palace Network) for 20-30 minutes while answering question after question about Disney. It was entirely unscripted, though I usually picked questions where I knew I had some kind of answer.

I ultimately dropped the series because it just didn't lend itself to the platform of YouTube. Nobody searches for a Q&A, and it's hard to custom tailor the title and thumbnail to a specific topic when that topic only takes up a 10th of the actual video. People get upset when they click on a video about a topic only to find it's randomly buried 16 minutes into a 25 minute video. On top of that, the visuals had absolutely no relationship to the topic at hand. It was just me wandering around in Minecraft. 

I decided it was better to leave the Q&A stuff for the Tomorrowland Transit Authorities, and if I ever got a really good question that called for a video answer I would make a dedicated video just for that question. I liked the arrangement, but over the last two years I've gotten a lot of requests to bring it back.

Just a few days ago I gave the format another shot. I decided to start small and only answer four questions, keeping the video under ten minutes. I figured at that size I could reasonably find enough relevant b-roll to make an actual video out of it. That much would be an improvement.

I began editing the video today, and I just hated it. It was unscripted so I wasn't happy with what I was saying on camera, and I couldn't shake the fact that even at just four questions, there's no good way to advertise the video for SEO.

So I'm scrapping the video and doing something else. I promised myself a while back that I would only make videos I felt good about, and that if I ever felt that a video wasn't working out that I would do something about it rather than just pushing out a mediocre product. I didn't feel good about this one when I shot it, and I didn't feel good about it when I started editing it. That's more than enough to convince me. 

That means I have four days to come up with another video idea and get it from idea conception to uploaded and setup before my flight out on Monday morning. While the thought of that is annoying, especially considering I was about to have these four days off to work on Disney D&D and relax, part of me loves it. The pressure and the excitement of trying to make something worthwhile as the clock is ticking is just somehow fun for me.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have enjoyed a career in live television, where people experience this every day. Anyway, I better get some sleep because tomorrow I have a new video to make.