Live from Disney World!


I must be some kind of madman, deciding to write a post at 1am rather than sleeping before another full day at the parks.

I won't go into full detail on the trip so far, except to say that Kat and I worked up an idea for at least one or two vlog videos that hopefully everyone likes. Yesterday I tried to get a number of shots for my Wes Anderson vlog idea. I tried to mimic his style as much as I could considering I didn't have a tripod. Mostly symmetrical shots with Kat looked very posed and bored. It'll depend fully on the editing and music I find.

Today we toured Hollywood Studios and before our Rock N Roller Coaster fastpass we decided to run through the ride as single-riders. While we were in line I had the idea of doing a mockumentary of a "professional" single rider. I loved the idea of someone taking the task so seriously and more so the idea of a documentary covering it. So we began to record the shots I figured I'd need to put it together.

That said, there aren't a ton of rides with single rider (and fewer we planned to ride as single riders), so when it came time to ride Test Track (as a party), I mixed it up and told Kat to act like a German auto engineer and to walk us through her design process. That's when the idea hit me: Record each ride as a different short TV show style segment and build out the vlog as if someone is channel surfing through these bizarre Disney World related shows. 

After we left Test Track we noticed that the standby for Frozen Ever After was only 20 minutes, so we started to race off to Norway before too many people noticed the short wait time as well. I whipped out the camera and told Kat to act like a cop during a ride-along and walk the camera through why we were rushing to Norway. 

On our visit to the Mexican pavilion I got b-roll with the intention of doing a cheesy voice over and making a 1970s style vacation promo. It was a lot of fun, and I don't know how the final product is going to look, but that's the kind of mentality I need to stay in for the rest of the trip. I want to do vlogs that are unique and fun. It helps that Kat is a performer and so she's a great sport with the improv. 

This next part I originally wasn't going to write about because I felt it might be seen as tasteless, but part of this entire blog is to record my feelings for posterity and so I'm going to anyway.

Today I had luckily made it through a moment I worried would shake my resolve to be self-employed. It was also one that really made me feel for a moment how big of a change in lifestyle this decision has been.

While we were in line for Rock N Roller Coaster I put my camera into my book-bag, and in a butterfingers moment I dropped the bag. I checked my camera and it looked fine.

Fast forward to right after the ride and when I take out my camera to start vlogging, and I notice the front looks to be in shambles. All of the lens blades (a new term I learned today during this ordeal. They're the little metal blades that fold out and in the cover the lens) were popped out of place and stuck in front of the lens itself.

My heart sank and my immediate thought was "I cannot afford to lose this camera." I meant it literally and figuratively. The thought of being without the camera just two days into the eight day trip meant anywhere from 8 to 12 videos lost. It also meant I would be out a $600 camera, and I literally could not afford to lose that. 

Kat went to get coffee while I went to a table to try and perform some emergency surgery on the camera. The whole time I was of two minds. One of the minds was learning just what lens blade were, how they worked, and how I might put them back into place.

The other mind was thinking about how if I was still at my digital advertising job, I wouldn't be worrying this much. I mean, it would still suck to lose the camera regardless, and I'd try to get it fixed first, but worse case I could buy another one. Now without that same income, losing a camera that expensive would be a big problem. I'd still get by, but it'd be a big blow.

My bigger fear wasn't that the camera would actually be broken though. My fear was that thinking about how I wouldn't be financially worried with the old job would in-turn scare me into going back to my old job. That probably sounds like a stupid and odd fear, but it's the big one for me. I'm afraid I will lose my resolve and fall back on something I know I won't be happy doing just for the more immediate comforts of better pay. It's one that I think I'll need to keep at bay the most during this next year.

Luckily I didn't jump to considering a desk job again, and luckily I would also learn that the camera itself still worked fine and that I could just remove the lens blades to keep using it. The downside is that there's nothing covering the lens while it's powered off. The camera already happened to have a 52mm adapter on it for a lens hood, so I just ordered a lens cap to be overnighted to the hotel.

So instead of being out $600+ and driven in fear back into the warm but dull embrace of digital advertising, I'm just out $9.

Anyway, normally I try to find a way to wrap this all up in a thematically fitting close and perhaps offer some final moment of self-reflection (thanks, years and years of watching Scrubs) but it's 2am and I have to be up in five hours. So instead I'll fall back on a classic:

The End.