One Month In


January ends today and I can officially say that my first month of self-employment was in the black! I mentioned it before, but I don't anticipate that to carry into February or March due to the way the advertising world works, but either way it's exciting. 

The income part I wasn't so worried about. To a certain extent, that's out of my hands (besides just doing my best to make the best content I can which, in turn, would hopefully pull in more views). Instead I was more worried about transitioning to keeping a close eye on living within my means. If I'm being totally transparent, my last job paid well enough that for the first time in my life I didn't need to worry about money, and I think the result was that I became less careful about how I spent it.

With this change in lifestyle though, that too had to change. Less eating out. Less video games. Less impulse purchases. So far I've been able to manage fine, and I think a great help has been constantly reminding myself what freedom I'm "buying" for myself by being more frugal. At least once a day I remind myself I don't have to go into the office anymore so that I can remember what the benefits of losing that paycheck really are. 


In other news, I just got back the other day from our Walt Disney World vacation, and among plenty of pressed pennies and a shirt, I bought back a cold with me. Of course it hit hardest on Tuesday, and I still had no video ready for Wednesday at that point. It reminded me that I have this double state of both having as much sick time off as I need, yet no sick time off if I don't plan well.

If anything, it highlights that I need to try and keep myself at least a week ahead of schedule for videos so I don't have a repeat of yesterday where I was sick and yet still rushing to finish a video. Overall I wish I could have put an extra day or two into the Dolphin Hotel video, but I'm still happy with the result even if I do sound sick in it.

Going into February, my main goals are to really buckle down and get working on the Disney D&D project as well as getting ever better with bookkeeping. I do a decent enough job at the moment, but having just finished my 2017 taxes, there were a few moments where I had to go digging through e-mails for receipts and numbers. I can be better at saving that stuff in the moment and organizing it all so I don't have to worry about it later on.

All in all, it's been a great first month. I adjusted better than I had thought I might, and I got to go on a wonderful Disney trip to boot. Oh, and I also managed to power through six seasons of the Sopranos while working. 

Here's to an even better February!