Planning Out the Week


It still doesn't feel real yet. 

I think a large part of that is due to the fact that it's still the weekend and so nothing is different at the moment. I suspect it'll really hit me tomorrow when I don't have to wake up for work.

Leaving on Friday felt really strange. You see, this was the first job I left that I didn't totally hate, and so I didn't walk out with a triumphant "Ha! Screw you!" mentality. It was just sort of a scary and quiet "Alright, here we go." As much as I wasn't going to miss the work or the commute (because that part I did grow to hate), I was going to miss all of the people I worked with. I was also going to miss the security of it all. 

I said my goodbyes at around two in the afternoon and left early to meet up with Kat and go see a movie (I, Tonya - great flick) and grab a celebratory dinner at Bare Burger. Nothing fancy, which I liked. It was very representative of how we're about to live for the next year or so.

Yesterday I got right to work. I figured if I committed myself to working every day of the week, I'd have less work to do each day and would feel less stressed as a result. So I made myself a week long, day-by-day, to-do list for this coming week and evenly spread out everything I want to work on. I also assume that might change. These next few weeks are really going to be about experimenting so that I can find a schedule and build habits that allow me to be productive and grow without making myself go crazy. 

I'm not going to share this every week, but I figured I'd put this one out there for when I look back in a month and cherish that I used to be disciplined enough to have a to-do list.



  • Write script for 1/10 video.
  • E-mail Michael K about Star Wars collaboration video.
  • Prep interview questions for next week's TTA


  • Record Patreon Podcast & post about live stream dates
  • Record 1/10 video
  • Write script for 1/13 video


  • Edit & Upload 1/10 video
  • Make Patreon tier graphics


  • Work on Disney D&D (all day)


  • Record 1/13 video
  • Write 1/24 script
  • Line up podcast guest for following TTA


  • Edit & Upload 1/13 video
  • Record, Edit & Upload TTA


  • Write Script for 1/17 video
  • E-mail OHD about collaborative video

Overall, it doesn't feel like too heavy of a week, and that's considering I also need to get a head start on the two videos I'll need to have ready for when I'm away at Disney later this month.

If anything, I think if I don't stick to this list it'll be because I work ahead of the list and get it done early. I mean, hell, this was the kind of to-do I had when I had a job. At the moment the plan is to use any extra time on the Disney D&D project, to keep myself working and productive.

My next step is to compile a list of extra projects, ideas, and goals that I can fill the rest of these days with. They range from researching more into t-shirt merch to organizing my Disney B-Roll library to mastering my older archival b-roll. 

In any case, I'm excited to get to it, and if that's the case I should probably get to bed.