No Hesitation


You’d think that if I had to produce an extra video and a half for this California trip that I would opt to write to shorter and more simple videos so that I could edit them quickly.

Instead I wrote two of my longest scripts ever, back to back, about a topic that is sorely lacking in archived b-roll.

I spend Sunday and Monday editing part one of the Celebration Florida video and it was like pulling teeth. I’d spend a half hour looking for some obscure video that would end up providing a grand total of 2-3 seconds of footage for a 10+ minute video.

By midnight on Monday, after a full day of editing, I ended up finishing a first cut. I decided right then and there to keep at it until the video was fully finished. So I then spent the following four hours cleaning up footage and edits, not to mention doing a little animation and prepping all the newspaper shots.

4am rolls around and I’m finished. Like 100% finished. The Patreon credits are in. All of the music is in. I’d be able to hit export and have a finished video to upload Tuesday morning.

Then, for reasons I still don’t understand, I randomly decided to do one more Google search for b-roll. This time instead of searching for “Celebration Florida Disney” I’d try searching for “Eisner Celebration Florida Disney”. What would ya know, that was the magic word that brought me to two videos containing plenty of b-roll I had just spend the last 12 hours wishing I had.

What, was I really going to go to bed when I just stumbled across what felt like a treasure chest of footage? Of course not. So I spent another hour plugging in new b-roll that was way better than the stuff I had in there before.

I don’t have a moral for this story. It just felt really good. Not finding that b-roll, but the fact that when I did I didn’t even hesitate for a second to keep editing, even though it was four in the morning.

I feel like even if this YouTube experiment doesn’t pan out, I need to get back into editing professionally. I can’t think of any time I opted to stay up until 5 troubleshooting broken ad tags.

PS- I should have some exciting news to share soon. It’ll definitely change the last couple of months of 2018 up, but for the better.