Cruisin' n' Vloggin'


I honestly don’t have much to talk about today in regards to YouTube. Numbers are still down, but with every visit to the analytics I’m only able to further confirm that it’s pretty much the algorithm deciding not to share my content as much on the home page to strangers. Ultimately I can’t control that, so I can’t really find a use in worrying about it. YouTube is a game where pieces move over months, not days. So I’ll just keep plugging away and making sure the content is as good as it can be.

Instead, I’m just going to continue to torture myself by writing more about how excited I am for this upcoming Disney Cruise. I just finished my 5th Disney Cruise vlog series a few minutes ago, so I think it’s safe to say I have a problem.

What’s interesting is that for the first time in a long time I’m experiencing a lot of what people talk about feeling when it comes to Disney World vacations, which I’ve been numbed to at this point. For instance during this latest vlog series, the group of friends ended up going on a 4 night cruise in which it was overcast and raining the entire time. They still had a good time, but talk about a bummer. Four days in the Caribbean and it’s overcast, grey, and rainy.

Suddenly I worried.

What if it’s raining during my cruise? What if our perfect vacation was marred by rain and clouds? Would there be enough to do? Is there too much to do? Are we going to pick the right things to do and have enough time to do it? What if it’s all a quick blur? Should I do things in a certain order to enjoy them more?

I was worrying about all of the things that people worry about when it comes to their Disney World vacation. The kind of stuff I shrug off because I know you can still have a great time and because I have the privilege of having been there so many time. It’s all the worry that I assume comes with planning for an unknown vacation, and I LOVE IT.

I’ve also begun to appreciate the value of vlogs that cover almost everything. In the past I used to think that the best vlogs were the ones that cut out all the fat of the day and focused solely on the most entertaining aspects. A highlight reel of fun. After all, weren’t they just about entertainment? Why should I show people what I’m eating or what the hotel room looks like? That’s boring right?

Now I suppose from the standpoint of a purely entertainment driven vlog series, that still holds up. However the last dozen hours or so of cruise vlog I’ve watched have made me realize the value in making something informative as well. I was that guy who was pausing the video on a shot of a menu to read over the options, or listening intently when someone explained how tipping worked, or trying to piece together a general layout of a deck or island. Coming from a month of editing where I’d go “this vlog is 15 minutes, I should cut it down” I would find myself going “Nice! This cruise vlog is 45 minutes!”

Now this doesn’t mean my style is going to change completely overnight, but I now understand that there’s value in including some more basic informational stuff, even if it isn’t super funny or goofy. I also think another aspect of that shift is that with Disney World I go so often that, while the trip as a whole is memorable and worth every penny, the moment to moment stuff is less so. I’ve been on the Haunted Mansion 1000 times, so even though I still love it that 1001st time, I don’t feel a real need to record anything about it. It’s routine.

This being my first cruise ever, I want to capture EVERYTHING. Even if none of it made it into a vlog, I’d want that memorable first experience saved for the future. I think my plan going in is that I’ll record as much as I can as if I was making these 45m+ informative vlogs, and then later I’ll let the editor in my brain find a happy medium to cut it down to. I wouldn’t mind averaging 20 minutes per half-day/day.

So yeah, long story short I’ve got cruise on the brain. So much so that I keep forgetting that it’s following a full week at Disney World.

Anyway I leave you all with the first parts of all of the new cruise series’ I’ve been watching so far in case you want to join me down this rabbit hole: