Run by Run


It has been a tiring and eye opening three weeks.

We planned our January trip months ago, and so it was no surprise that I was going to have to put in extra work during the lead up so that there would be videos finished while I was gone.

What was not planned, however, was the idea of spending the month of December in Florida while taking weekend trips to Orlando. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I’m doing it. I miss Kat and can’t wait to see her again. I certainly won’t complain about trading in this New York weather for central Florida warmth either (OK, relative warmth). That said, putting those plans together right at the beginning on November left me with about three and a half weeks to work out a schedule that accounts for four separate trips, not to mention the logistics of working away from my desktop for a month.

All that said, I apologize for not writing here more frequently. It’s been a marathon of a month that has been comprised of working on video after video, forfeiting my usual day or two off each week.

When I trained to run a 5K for the first time years and years ago, I used one of those Couch to 5K apps to help me. It essentially gives you a run by run plan that slowly eases you into running more and more, alternating between walking and running periods, until eventually you’re able to run the entire 5K non-stop. The first run was something like one minute bursts of running broken up by three minute walking periods. I have vivid memories of loading up the next run every time I’d go to the gym and going “No way. With as much as I struggled that last run, there’s no way I’m going to be able to do this one.”

And then I would try anyway, and then to my amazement (every time) my body would somehow push through. Of course it’s because those runs aren’t just arbitrarily set up, and that’s just how training to run works, but it still didn’t fail to amaze me that I managed to pull it off despite knowing it wouldn’t.

Well that’s what these past few weeks have felt like. Every week I set up my digital post-it with my daily To-Do list, packed with my accelerated schedule. Every week I look at the list and go “There’s no way I’m going to get all that done this week. Not a chance in hell.” Every week, to my own amazement, I somehow do it.

It has absolutely destroyed my sleep schedule as a result, and ironically enough it has cut into my time to get to the gym (I’ll have to focus in December on making sure I can run an actual 5K for the cruise), but it works.

I put together a calendar of self-imposed deadlines that spread out the rest of the work as much as possible such that I’ll ring in the new year with three videos in the can and ready to go for the time I’m on vacation.

It looks tiring. It feels like this is the actual 5K and I’m only reaching mile marker 1. I’ve got plenty to go, but if I give up now that work will have been for nothing, so I’m keeping at it. On the other side of that finish line is a full 11 day vacation (longest I’ve ever taken), and it’ll have been worth it.

I promise it won’t be another 17 days until I post again. My run up to 100K is fluctuating in speed just enough that if you told me YouTube was trying to screw with my head, I’d believe you. So I’ll have more to talk about.

Until then, back to work.