Sorry I disappeared there for a while! Everything from the lead up to California was hectic, to California itself (but in a fun way), to the week following when I was playing catch up.

I finally feel like I’ve got a little room the breath, and yet I’m now beginning to plan what might turn out to be an even crazier six weeks in December and January, meaning this month will be crazy as well.

As for the news I teased in the last post, I’m really excited to share that Kat is currently down in Florida singing for Disney! I’m extremely proud of her. Disney fandom aside, it’s been so great watching her grow her career over the last few years, and this was a gig she was really hoping to land. I think this is going to open a lot of doors for her. Getting to spend two months at Disney World is probably a sweet cherry on top too.

I’m currently in chilly New York, but this recent development has us planning around the idea that I’ll go to live with my Dad in the Tampa area for all of December, so that every week or so I could take short trips to Orlando to visit Kat and see her sing.

It regards to the channel, it’s a plan that offers some awesome pros and some stressful cons. With four short trips to Orlando to see Kat, it would mean anywhere up to 12 days at the parks, and that’s BEFORE our Disney World vacation in January. That’s up to 12 days to really build up this dream library of Disney b-roll that I’ve always wanted to create. It also opens up the possibility to be able to get specific b-roll for videos I have planned, rather than just hoping I already have what I’ll need. Hell, I’ve even considered the possibility of recording a video at the parks Tom Scott style.

It’ll also be nice to spend December somewhere warm, get to visit with my Dad and sister more, and overall get a little taste of what Florida living might be like should Kat and I ever decide to make the move down there.

On the other hand, all of that traveling and working away from home means I’ll be working a lot more to get videos prepared for the vacation in January. No more video games. No more slow days or going to the movies. Likely just producing, producing, producing whenever I’m not at the parks recording, recording, recording.

It’s definitely not enough of a con to scrap the idea, but it’ll have an impact on November if I decide to go through with it. I’ve already started to adapt by trying to very slowly speed up production so that I’m not playing catch up when decisions are actually made.

It’s all very exciting stuff, and it’s all happening really quickly. Meanwhile the channel is picking up some steam with subscribers, meaning it’s a possibility we’ll hit 100,000 subscribers anywhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I don’t even know if I’m ready to emotionally process that one yet.