We just finished Charityland 2018 less than two hours ago, and I am completely floored.

When we first setup the donation page for Give Kids the World Village, we set an initial goal of $1,000. I personally thought it was too low. Between Kevin and Dan’s audience, plus all of the amazing guests we had lined up, I figured we would blow past $1,000. I thought $5,000 was a more realistic goal, but never in a million years would I believe that in our first year of doing this, we would raise over $11,000.

Furthermore, I was completely blown away by just how smooth the entire event went. The technical director, Lloyd, did an AMAZING job running things. We were (mostly) on time, everything worked, and I think the biggest issue we ran into was someone falling off a call for a whole minute.

I’m not going to lie. There were moments leading up to tonight where I kind of kicked myself for planning to work remotely in Florida while this event was happening. I even originally considered flying down here the day after Charityland so I could be home for it. Working off this laptop has slowed me down some, and the internet is SO bad here that I had to tether the laptop to my phone and do the whole stream from that (side note: PopData was a life saver. It’s an otherwise scummy way to milk money from mobile users, but it saved the day for me. It’s essentially a service where for $3 you get unlimited data for an hour. I basically just kept using that the entire stream.) In any case, know where the money was going and seeing this community come together for a great cause made all of the planning headaches and logistical issues 100% worth it.

Now I’m ready to sleep for what feels like a week. Except I can’t sleep for that long because tomorrow it’s time to e-mail all the raffle winners and then get started on writing/planning the next five weeks of videos. It’s going to be a busy busy week.