Today I wrote and researched a new video script, finished a draft of the Disney D&D game rules, wrote this blog post, uploaded tomorrow's vlog and still managed to have enough time left over to watch a movie with Kat, go to the gym, and play video games with my best friend.

I've been saying this whole time that I'm not too worried about this whole thing because worst case scenario I could just go back to a 9-5 office job, but with each day I suspect that will be harder and harder to do. This is just such a great life right now.

One aspect I'm still getting my brain used to is having a job that isn't consistent. For quite a while I used to, in an odd way, almost resent when videos went viral or did exceptionally well. Not that I didn't like the growth or anything. It was just whenever that happened the numbers never felt "real" to me anymore. I suddenly was unable to judge the true performance of the channel that month because it was somehow tainted by these unusual numbers. I thought this way because in my mind everything had to be predictable and reliable. I don't know if it's because I feared random spikes would also mean random drops, or if years of steady 9-5 office work just switched me into such a mode.

Either way, I'm getting better at accepting that this road, however long it runs, will be ever changing. Sure there will be patterns and repetition, but it will also be sprinkled with highs and lows. I need to accept this because when the lows roll around I can't let it break my resolve to keep going. I also need to remember that there will be lows so that when months like this happen where a video does extra well, I can save the extra earnings for that inevitable rainy day rather than blow it on something stupid. 

In other news we booked another Disney trip last week!

That was a joke.

Not the part where we booked another trip. That's real. Just the idea that it was something stupid to blow money on. I paid off my annual pass last year and I had enough points to get the plane tickets for free. All that was left was the hotel cost and so we opted for the heavily under construction (and thus cheaper than usual) Caribbean Beach resort. I've heard pretty unflattering things about the place, and it doesn't seem to appeal from a Disney-resort perspective, but all in all we're getting a full week at Walt Disney World for the grand total of $400 per person. I can't even say that about our recent January trip. 

I'm not even close to done with editing all of this latest trip's footage, but I'm already starting to think about how to go about filming this next trip. I need to keep evolving and growing.

On a final note, I've reached the stage in self employment where the novelty of waking up whenever I want is wearing off. I'm a particularly bad night owl, and if I'm not careful 1am can turn into 3am which can turn into 5am. I very quickly found myself waking up at noon. While technically this is fine because I work on my own time, I don't feel great starting out that late in the day.

So I've officially reinstated a daily alarm on my phone. However for the sake of still enjoying this freedom, it's currently set for 10am. Still enough time to sleep in, and late enough that I can still stay up to 2am whenever I want, but still early enough to see part of the morning.

I say this like it's a reasonable and easy concept, yet here I am, finishing this draft at 3am.