Extra Hours


You know, one of the things they warn you about when it comes to being self-employed is that ultimately you're bound to work more hours than your run-of-the-mill full time job.

I always figured I would be an exception since, after all, I had already been doing this for years as a hobby and it only ever took around 20 hours a week to maintain. What I didn't account for was that I'd want to use the extra time to do stuff I simply couldn't before.

Today I woke up at around 10am, and save for a few breaks for lunch and dinner, I spent the entire day working on this weekend's Disney vlog. As I write this I'm finally wrapping up, and it's 12:45am. 

It's a goofy vlog based on an idea I had while recording during one of the days of the trip. A series of TV-parody skits throughout the parks. The vlog itself would be as if someone recorded (on VHS) a feed of someone channel surfing between these shows, getting snippets here and there. 

While the final video is a little under four minutes, the time it took to make was much longer than my typical history video. Beyond the more stylized editing that required some writing, voice overs, and new music, I had to teach (and in some cases re-teach) myself After Effects techniques to make the video look aged. 


Similarly, I was up until about 2:30am last night working on the thumbnail for tomorrow's video. Normally I would have found some semi-relevant image and slapped a title onto it, but this year I want to really focus more on taking the time to design thumbnails from scratch*.

* - I mean, the Mickey clearly isn't mine, so not that part.

* - I mean, the Mickey clearly isn't mine, so not that part.

It's what I spent all this extra free time doing. Far more time and effort than I would have spent if I was still at my old office job. Yet, I didn't even realize how fast the days had passed because I was having so much fun doing it.

That's the part they don't tell you about. You'll work way more than usual, but you'll love it.

I know I might be sounding like a broken record, using every other entry to talk about how lucky I feel. However I feel like I need to do it. With the chance existing that I might not get to do this forever, I feel like I have to keep proper perspective in the moment by focusing on what matters.

Speaking of, while it's only February and I may very well be jinxing myself just mentioning it, I went over my numbers some more this week and if the rest of the year goes as well as it has so far, I'll be able to do this for two years instead of the initially planned one.

Here's hoping.