Not much has happened since the last post, so instead of a longer post with a unified theme, here are some random thoughts from the last few days. Most are related specifically to this entire endeavor. Some are not. 

It's been over five years, and my greatest period of success came when I scaled my channel back to one video a week that I worked extra hard on. So why do I still have the urge every few weeks to work out a more packed schedule? Has my time at Howcast ruined me? Am I cursed to forever think that more is better?

Should I create a second channel dedicated to the Disney vlogs so that this channel can be all about the history/op-ed videos?

Probably not. Too confusing.

I don't think I've ever been as aware of the effects of the "content" age we live in as the time I thought about going to the movies last week and then thought "should I start a movie review podcast?" Why is my brain trained to try and turn every hobby or enjoyment into a product?! Just enjoy the movies!

Is it ego making me think the world needs to hear my opinion on everything, or pressure to make everything feel productive in some way or another? Both?

There are some days where the channel feels like my own Mickey Mouse. My passion project that I hope to be known for.

There are other days where I hope it's my Oswald, and that this Disney D&D project is my true Mickey. I feel conflicted those days because, after all, I put five years of work into this channel.

Yet I'd willingly leave it behind if it meant this D&D project takes off in the way I hope it does.

I want to take an acting class to see what it's like and to see if it would help my on-camera presentation at all. I also just think it'd be fun.

I think I should take up design, because I'd love to brand the channel with a fresh original logo and look. I could get a designer, but the problem is I'm picky enough that I often end up wanting to just do it myself anyway. Once I hired someone to design a logo, and after several revisions I still ended up using something I made on my own.

I still paid him though, because it'd be really lame to not pay him for his time. So I basically paid money to learn that I'm picky.

Goal for March: Learn how to cook Carbonara, because that one and only time I had it, it was amazing.

This thought coming in fresh:

OK Rob. You had a decent January and a fantastic February, but that second month was luck. No getting lazy now. March needs to be a big month. You've got the vlogs filmed already so don't worry about Saturday videos. Focus on four amazing scripts. Focus on getting more done with the D&D project. Focus on some new ideas for the TTA. Basically set yourself up for a busy and even better April.

Regardless of what the numbers say, pretend you only have one year to do this, so that you make the most of it.

Also maybe take some time to brainstorm topic ideas so you don't have to do this stream of consciousness thing again.

(Unless people like it, then maybe do it every once in a blue moon.)

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