Horse Race Update


The weekend bump is over.


The algorithm giveth, and the algorithm taketh. All in all the video now sits at nearly a quarter of a million views so I'm not complaining. 

It'll definitely help my February numbers, and just eyeballing the numbers I think it brought in around 1,500 new subscribers in one weekend. 

The real work now becomes analyzing that video to try and figure out what make it work well and what didn't. Why did it get to 250k views, but not a million?

I suppose that will be good discussion for the podcast. Emotionally the bump was much needed. The past few  videos have done OK, but performed poorer than my typical videos.

Understandably they were different from my usual videos. One was a 50k sub thank you video, and the other was a collaboration that was fun to make, but didn't fully match what I normally put out.

I think the lesson there is that I need to put more effort into crafting collaborations better. There was a point where I was just saying yes to everything, but I realize now I need to really sit down and cater the collaborations to each of our channels so it appeals to our respective audiences. 

I'll try to post again tomorrow with more, but right now I'm feeling the poor decision making from last night in which I thought it was a good idea to go to bed at 4am even though I had to be up at 8:30 for a podcast recording. On that note, keep an eye out for me on the next Disney Coast-To-Coast podcast!