Sorry for the gap between posts. I was in this odd spot where I actually couldn't think of anything to say. The channel is in a good spot. I'm enjoying self-employment. Everything is just peachy. 

In fact at the moment there are only two struggles I'm running into with this whole year, and I believe they share a common cause.  The first is that I'm going to bed way later than I'd like. I'm currently writing this at three in the morning

The original excuse for going to bed late was my best friend Steve. He lives in New Zealand at the moment, and for a while we both had day jobs. So for a few months the only time we could hang out, by which I mean play PUBG together, was on Friday and Saturday nights after midnight. It lead to sleeping in most weekends, but it was worth it.

Then we both left our jobs and for a few weeks we were hanging out every night. Again, while I didn't want to wake up at 11am every day, I didn't mind it cause I was hanging out with my best friend and I didn't have to answer to anyone but myself. That said, while we still occasionally play, it's not every night anymore. So I don't really have an excuse anymore. 

The second struggle is that I'm not going to the gym nearly as much as I said I would. I originally planned to start going five times a week, with the acceptance that I'd probably settle for four. In reality so far I might end up going twice a week. For staying in shape that's not bad, but I'm not trying to stay in shape. I'm trying to get in shape.

I've done it before too. Back at Howcast before Rob Plays That Game took up my free time, I was going to the gym after work four nights a week. That, with diet, is how I first lost 65 pounds. So if I could pull that off with a full-time job, I should be able to do the same now. I'm currently pinning the blame on the cold weather, but that's not a real excuse. The walk to my gym is like ten minutes long and it's not as if I don't own a coat or sweatpants.

The truth is I'm just slower this year. It's the cause of both problems. I used to juggle a two hour daily commute, a full-time office job, and the production of one or two YouTube videos a week while still carving out a little (keyword: little) bit of time for socializing and relaxation. Now I no longer have that full-time job or the commute, and I still find myself wondering where the time went. It's because I slowed down.

You know how gas takes the form of the container it's put in? That's me with time. I somehow managed to take a reduced workload and spread it out among a larger window of time.

I need to stop that.

Now I can sound super dramatic and say it ends tonight and tomorrow I throw myself at every task with a renewed speed, but it's really a process. I will go to the gym tomorrow. It might take a week or two to get up to four times a week, but one step at a time.

I just need to stop being a gas. 

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