My Camera Situation - Part 2


Welp, I did it.

Today I purchased a Canon 77D.


I'll speak to the reasoning behind the decision from a production standpoint today or tomorrow on the Patreon podcast, but beyond that there was more to it that I can speak to here.

I ended up talking to Kat about why I was so on the fence about getting the camera, and through that I think I found the core issue: it was a win-win/lose-lose no matter what. However, it wasn't entirely balanced.

I was either going to not get the camera and feel good in the short-term about saving the money, just to feel bad about my footage down the line when I do another vlog series or accidentally record an entire video out of focus, which I've done before.


I was going to feel bad in the short-term about spending that money, just to feel way better later down the line when the vlog footage comes out nice and I get to record videos at home with the blessing of face-tracking auto-focus. 

Both decisions would leave me feeling both good and bad, but only one would leave me with a product I'd be happy with. So with that I pulled the trigger and picked it up.

I haven't recorded a full video yet, but I did record a lot of tests today and already the face-tracking is proving to be such a time saver. I used to have to frame myself, mark my spot so I always went back to it, use my hand as a stand-in while trying to focus the camera, and hope I never strayed far enough from my mark to fall out of focus.

Now I just get in front of the camera and find an area that makes for a good shot, and that's it. I can lean in and out for effect. I can step off screen to get a drink of water and not go through the whole re-focusing process again when I step back in. I can just use the space more without having to worry or shoot a quick glade to the monitor to make sure I'm in focus.

On top of that while my Nikon only allowed me to record clips of 10 minutes or less, the 77D allows me to record for a half-hour uninterrupted. So between that and the focus, I suspect my shoots and home will go by much more quickly.

Fun fact, but did you know that the camera (and others like it) can actually record for longer? The reason they're capped at a half-hour (29m59s, technically) is because any longer and they'd officially be classed as video recorders in the EU, which are subject to an additional tax.

In fact, the camera is so good at keeping me in focus that while the image quality itself looks better, going from the Nikon to the Canon, I kind of look worse. Not because of the camera, but because you can just see me perfectly in focus all the time. Apparently that unintentional soft focus I often ran into with the Nikon made me look about 5 years younger. 

Anyway like I said, I'll speak more the to production aspects on the podcast. For now, I feel good about the purchase. For a while I felt the investment would have been a bad idea considering the biggest benefit would be the vlogs and from a financial point of view, they don't really bring in a lot of revenue. Then I reminded myself that if I applied that logic all along, I wouldn't be where I am today because at one point none of my videos were bringing in revenue. It was the investments of time and money that got the videos to a point where they finally did. 

Oh and PS: I think the G7X realized I bought a new camera. I recorded with the G7X and 77D in the dark to test the low light capabilities, and now my G7X makes this really loud and ugly whirring sound when it tries to focus. It's like it's now trying to destroy itself.

Bad G7X. Stop that.


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