There's this really satisfying feeling that comes from YouTubing.

This channel isn't just the surface level content or the last few videos. It's the product of over five years of work and evolution. You can go back through pages and pages, over 1400+ video and watch the formats slowly evolve and grow.  It's why I'm perhaps more proud of this channel than anything else I've done in my life.

Anyway, I'm not bloviating about the channel just to pat myself on the back. Part of what builds up the channel to offer me that satisfaction is that it is the product of time. Every time I'd pivot my content or try a new strategy, it would be followed by weeks and sometimes months of watching and waiting to figure out what worked and what didn't. It's like a cruise ship. You can only turn so fast without tipping over.

Sometimes having the patience to see out those changes is really easy. It's almost better, in fact, because you don't have to think too hard in the moment. You've already done your thinking, you've decided on a plan, and now you just need to wait and see if it works. Sure there's other work that needs to be done with it, but that's for later, not now.

Then other days, like today, I'm in love with that strategizing aspect and wish I could just jump into a time machine and zip ahead those few weeks to see what happened so I can move onto the next step. Sometimes I have to be careful on days like this, because that's when I start to come up with ideas for extra channels and projects. Less because I want to actually make the extra content, and more because I just want to plan them out.

When I had first decided to go full-time I actually had this crazy plan to make two brand new channels, and run all three at once. One was going to be about New York City history, and the other would be about space and technology history. They'd all be one video per week and they'd all share the same format, just with the different subjects.

Looking back now, I realize how insane that would have been to try and manage, especially with Disney D&D still on my plate. I luckily didn't get far, because when it came to step one of the plan, which was to get and read some books on the subject, I couldn't follow through.

I just didn't have the same passion for those subjects as Disney and the theme parks, and that's when I realized I was just planning for the sake of planning.

All this to say, maybe if the YouTube stuff doesn't work out in the long term, I can look into producing for a living. 

That reminds me of a good topic for another post, which I'll tease here since it's 3:30 in the morning and there's no way I'll either get to it tonight or remember it tomorrow: I once had a master dream plan to own and run my own YouTube network called Plays Media. 

It was going to be awesome.