Rob Plays Adventure Co.


And just like that, it's live! Kinda.


Over the last 48 hours or so I made the channel, made some art, put together a content game plan, and announced it on the Patreon podcast. It moved fast, yet I have two months to make adjustments and set everything up so that I can officially launch it right before the April vlogs come into play.

I'm really excited. It feels strange to be excited, because for one the channel won't be public facing for another 8 weeks, but also because at first nothing will be different in terms of content. It'll still be one history video a week and one vlog a week, it'll just be different channels. That said, I'm excited to see how the change effects Rob Plays. I'm also oddly reinvigorated in terms of how to approach vlogs now that they're going to live on their own channel.

I won't lie, I feel like I dropped the ball with the January vlogs. While they have plenty of bits and segments I'm happy with, I once again made this mistake of just letting it trail off. By Saturday when Kat was leaving I was exhausted. I had spent the trip thinking of the vlog as a side project of convenience while the B-roll was the main goal, and so I never captured any footage that portrayed a sense of closure.

The rest of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday ended up being pretty much just B-roll, and so ultimately the series is going to end with some Avatar ride footage and some clips of the Tree of Life at the end of the night. I'm disappointed with that, and it's really nobody's fault but mine. I had a great time on the trip, I just got lazy with the camera.

Looking back, for as much as I love these new improv bits we did, I still find the January 2017 vlogs to be the best I've done. They had heft to them at 10 parts. They had a big a varied group of people involved. They had a beginning, middle, and end. It was everything I feel a mini-series of videos needs.

So come April, I plan to double-down on the vlog quality. I realized that if I treat the vlogs the way I should than most of the B-roll I capture for it will also double as B-roll for the channel. Now, based on viewer reactions and based on the pure fun we had making it, I still plan to do more improv-style bits in the April vlogs. I just also need to make sure the whole thing has a structure.

The next hurdle is figuring out my camera situation.