My Camera Situation, Take Two


You know, I had a whole long post drafted that went into the fine details in regards to both of my cameras, what their pros and cons are, what problems I'm having with them, and what potential solutions I could go with. I tried to proofread it and realized it was so utterly boring.

So here's the short version: My vlogging camera has a dead/hot pixel that you might have noticed in these January vlogs. It sucks. It sticks out to me like a sore thumb and while I could probably live with it for the vlogs themselves, it kills me to think any future b-roll I record will have this floaty white pixel.

My options are simple:

  • I can buy a new Canon G7X, which would cost me around $700 minus whatever I could sell the defective one for.
  • I can sell the G7X and my Nikon and get a Canon 77D. It would probably still cost me around $900 out of pocket, but I'd have a new camera that did both well.
  • I ship my camera to Canon for a couple hundred bucks and hope they fix it, though everything I've read from those who experience the same problem have said they usually still have the pixel, it's just less prominent.
  • I could live with it and hope nobody ever notices.

So basically spend money, spend money, spend money, or live with this little floating pixel. That's really the core of why I wanted to write about this I think.

Mainly just to vent. This one little pixel could forever be in any new footage I foot, and the cost to get rid of it starts at a couple hundred dollars. 

I mean all in all, if that's the most annoying part of my life right now then I have it pretty good. So I'm definitely keeping my perspective in check. I have about 5 weeks until the next trip to decide on a solution, and that might mean that the repair route is already a no-go. That or I just accept that the hot pixel will be a part of the April videos and then deal with this after that. 

I'm dragging my feet with deciding because I'm partially hoping I come up with some brilliant (and cheap) solution that solves everything.

So yep. That's my camera situation.

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