Oh What A Day

Just to be clear upfront: this post will likely have little to do with YouTubing or the whole 2018 experiment. I just need to decompress after this day. I also apologize as this post is probably as blandly written as possible, mainly due to how tired I am right now.

So, the tale of today...

When we decided to plan this Disney trip, Kat had a show on Sunday night and the following weekend was pretty expensive what with the half-marathon weekend. So instead of our normal Sunday-Saturday week we opted for a cheaper and easier Monday-Friday. Normally we do this and leave that Sunday and Saturday exclusively as travel days. We travel mid-day so that we don't have to wake up super early, get into Disney late afternoon, and then head out to Disney Springs for a nice relaxing dinner. A full night of sleep and we wake up Monday morning recharged and ready for a full week of Disney.

Since that wasn't the case this time, we wanted to make the most of this week. So I booked us 8am flights to Orlando so that we could get a nice full day out of Monday.

Of course 8am flight means 7:30am boarding, which means we needed to get there at around 6:45am to get through security at JFK, which means leaving the apartment at 6am, which means waking up bright and early at 5:30am. So already, just planning to do a full day at the parks with a 5:30am wake-up was probably a dumb idea.

In any case, we ended up being hit with torrential rain last night that was expected to run into the afternoon the following day. I was only slightly worried. Everything I had read about flying said that the wind is more likely to ground a flight than just rain, and while it was raining quite a lot, the wind wasn't too bad. So we got up right on time, got ready, and by 6 we were huddled under our front awning, awaiting our Lyft while inches and inches of water poured down on New York City.

Our first problem kicked off right there. For some reason, after nearly 10 minutes of driving towards us to pick us up, our Lyft driver stops right at our corner down the block, cancels the ride, and drives right off. Thanks mister. So we hailed a second Lyft. waited another ten minutes, and finally headed out to JFK. 

When we got to the airport the Monday rush had started up and I quickly tried to eyeball the line and make a few guesses. I figured if we got in the normal line we might get through just in time to board the plane, OR we could cough up that $10 for "Even More Speed", get through security faster, and have 20 minutes to go get something to eat for breakfast. 

We opted for the second option, breezed through security, and had a nice breakfast with a full ten minutes to spare before boarding began. Things were looking up. Every trip has that hiccup, and I guess the Lyft driver was it.

When we made our way to the gate we discovered that we were all boarding early and were expected to get to Orlando a little early. Even better! So we get on, settle in, and get excited at the idea that in just a few hours we would be at Disney.

Eventually boarding turned to just sitting there. As it would turn out, the plane has an odd mechanical issue that required working out. Boarding early turned to being on time which then turned to being a bit late.

Then, as we sat there waiting for the plane to taxi, the captain came onto the intercom to give us the good news, the bad news, the good news, and the bad news.

  • The good news was that the issue was fixed and we were ready to go!
  • The bad news was that the rain was shutting down departure lanes out of New York City.
  • The good news was that our lane was not one of the ones shut down, so we could still leave New York City!
  • The bad news was that most planes we re-routed to ours, and so we were now number 30 on the take-off queue.

So I fired up a movie and tried to make the most of it. It sucked, but getting there late was better than not getting there at all.

At this point I began to lose track of time. All I can say is that by the time we were queued up to take-off, I had made it through half of Justice League. It was at that point that the captain once again got onto the PA to let us know that the mechanical issue had returned. After all that waiting and waiting, we would have to return to a gate so that a maintenance team could look at the plane. But first, we had to wait to be assigned a gate.

We had originally gotten onto the plane at 7:30 in the morning, and by the time the plane was ready to fly it was noon. We were still in New York, and the rain was getting worse.

Luckily we DID take off, and luckily from that point it was smooth sailing. We got into Orlando at 2pm and after a particularly long Magical Express trip, (perhaps due to karma from me making a video about it's rocky launch) we got to the hotel at around 4pm. 

It wasn't the worst of travel stories, I'll admit. It's not like it was as bad as when people are stuck in airports overnight. Besides, I'm still at Walt Disney World, which is awesome. So really, I can't complain. It definitely will reflect in the first vlog episode though. I must have like 15 minutes of park footage and we were both just absolutely exhausted.

I just find it funny. If I had written a movie script where all of these minor setbacks just happen right at the perfect time one after the other, it would probably come off as too unrealistic.

Like the pilot said as we were finally getting ready to taxi, "it's just one of those days."