Giving Myself Time


I've been thinking about time lately.

I don't have a whole lot of meaningful insight on this. I just love that this full-time gig allows me to spend the day trying to design a thumbnail. Back in the day I'd have given myself about 10 minutes to put one together. It probably would have just been a hyper-saturated screenshot of the Tower of Terror because that's all I'd be able to do in that time.

Today I spent an hour or so putting this together, only to realize I hated it. 


A year ago I wold have already been 45 minutes over, so I would have had to just deal with it. Not just deal with it, come to think of it. I probably would have been hard on myself every time I looked at it for however many weeks it was high enough on my videos page that I could see it.

"Ugh. I should have just gone to bed later and made something better with the time."

"I bet the views would have been higher if the thumbnail wasn't garbage."

"How in the hell did I think that was OK to use?"

Instead it's midnight (as I write this) on a Sunday night and I took the time to design a new one while watching two Louis Theroux documentaries (my other new hobby while working on thumbnails.) Actually I designed like 3 new ones, but hated the others so much I didn't even bother to save them. One involved an almost neon purple Tower of Terror (I don't know either.) 

I liked the final one enough though:


I mean, I'm not about to call it a masterpiece, but I think comparatively it's a big step up. My only remaining concern is that historically, black and white thumbnail videos don't do as well. Color pops and color grabs attention. However it's The Twilight Zone, like, what else am I supposed to do? On the upside, virtually anything Tower of Terror related does better than usual so hopefully they'll cancel each other out.

In other news, I need to light a fire under my butt with the Disney D&D. I've been dragging my feet with finishing the test campaign, and the thought of having enough of the game done to kick off the podcast in May seems insane now. I'm starting to think it might be June. 

Part of me thinks that once I nail down the format of the campaign document and finish the test campaign, it'll be a simple matter of just filling in all of the relevant fields for all of the other rides.  

But that's naive of me. The only reason the New Hires idea even exists is because I gave myself the time needed to think of something better after coming up with the very bland idea of the players being trapped in the park after hours a la Night at the Museum.

I even iterated on the villain of the test campaign and his motivations over the course of a week after thinking about it over and over. So it's dumb of me to think I'll just easily slap a story into 5+ rides and get it all done by May 1st with a bunch of first drafts.

Like the overall plot, like the test campaign, and like tonight's thumbnail, I need to give myself the needed time to not just get the job done, but to get the job done well.

Which I suppose is a good lesson with anything in life. So, I guess maybe I did have something insightful to say after all?