Numbers and Traps


I'm preparing myself early for disappointment.

Not like the real and deep kind of disappointment, just the shallow numbers kind. The past few days my views and subscribers dropped off quite a bit for reasons I'm not entirely sure of. I probably didn't sacrifice the right chicken to the algorithm gods. 

It's not a big enough drop that I'm worried, but I also know that my early May estimates sure aren't going to be showing 1-million-view predictions like last month. 

It's the kind of thing where you prepare yourself for it and you have all of the logic laid out in front of you that tells you why it's not the end of the world. But you still can't help but wish you did better when it happens because you're chasing that unobtainable dream of just doing exponentially better and better month after month without ever stopping or slowing down. 

Can it be a lousy feeling? Sure, but it's one I'm glad I have. I worry that if I was as content with the drop in traffic when it happens as I am with it when it's a hypothetical, I probably wouldn't push myself to keep improving. I just need to make sure I don't fall into traps.

One thing I noticed is that the videos that do the best are ones that are about Disney and appeal to Disney fans, but also appeal to everyone else at the same time. 

How does Disney know your name? Why do their water rides smell? Why do they take your fingerprint? These questions are far more appealing to general audiences than, say, the history of an obscure comedy from 1962 that just so happened to be the first movie shot in Disneyland. 

Knowing that, the trap is leaning 100% towards the better performing content. It's easy to think that if I make all of my videos focus on that more generally appealing content then I'll hit 100k in no time!

But then eventually I'll run out of Disney content that appeals to general audiences, and from their I either go back to obscure Disney history and lose that audience I took the fast route to gain, or I drop the Disney angle and keep focusing on generally appealing content and lose the very passion that got me here to begin with.

So to avoid the trap I just need to spread it out and keep a balance. Moderation in all things, right? I'll have to try and figure out what might be the next "water video" or "fingerprint video", but I only need one for May. 

So that's my side goal for the next week: To watch those May numbers roll in and not panic and try to think up five new water smell videos for the next five weeks. I can do it!