So Much Writing!


Sorry again for the big gap between updates. I've been pushing myself to finish writing the test quest for The New Hires, and so between scripts and that, I've been doing a whole lot of writing. 

As I get more words onto the paper (or document file if you want to be technical about it), I'm feeling better about the whole D&D idea. I'll stop there with D&D though, because I suspect once the play tests are over I'll be talking a lot more about it. 

In terms of numbers, things aren't looking so hot this month. So far we're looking at half as many views, new subscribers, and revenue as April brought in.

I won't lie, I'm a little bummed because that basic part of my brain likes to see all the numbers go up isn't happy, but I'm not worried. If anything I feel a little reassured.

One of my big fears was that the moments things looked down, I would let the financial aspect push me into compromising what kind of content I wanted to make out of fear. I was actually afraid that when something like this happened I would jump right back to doing 2-3 videos a week and try to pump out more click-bait style content. It's the one fear made apparent by some YouTubers who end up going full time This idea that you think you're you own boss, but really you learn that the numbers are your boss.

Still though, I couldn't do nothing about it. While I have no plans to up my weekly content or fall into sensationalist content, I do realize that the shelf life of those three semi-viral videos (Water Smell, Fingerprints, & Rides knowing names) is finally up. It's about time for a new one, or at least a new attempt at one.

So last night I went through the old Google auto-complete process, which I'll probably outline more on the weekend podcast, and put together a list of topics that I think have the same potential as the water smell video. I spread them out to about one every month, and jumped on the first one which is a question I never asked myself, but apparently enough people ask online: What does Disney World do with leftover food?

I started researching, fully expecting the short and boring answer to be that it goes into a dump, but the truth is that since 2014 that isn't the case. I'll save the story for the actual video, but it was a refreshing writing day. I got to learn something new myself and put together a script that's short and to the point and potentially interesting for more than just Disney fans.

Will it go viral and bring on another three months of awesome growth and great numbers? Probably not, but I've got to just keep trying. Ultimately I think that's the key. The numbers aren't where I want them, but I have a plan and I'm acting on the plan, and that goes such a long way in feeling OK when things aren't going the way you want. 


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