The Extra Mile


I was originally going to title this part "Starting Over", but it looks like I just used that one a few weeks ago. I need to get more creative with those.

As I mentioned in the last post, I have been writing quite a lot for the Disney D&D project. By the way, I'm considering "We're From Maintenance" as a potential title for it. It's growing on me faster than "The New Hires" did, and it'd stand the test of time in the event I'm lucky enough to do a second season or more. I still have time to decide, but it's the current front-runner. 

Anyway I ended up writing until about four in the morning on Friday night. Later than I'm usually up, but I was able to finish the first draft of the Space Mountain adventure, and I was really proud. Of course as luck would have it, my mind was way too active at that point, and I didn't end up getting to sleep until six in the morning. 

The following day we had the weekly live stream in which I recorded this Wednesday's upcoming video. It's all about what Disney does with the leftover food that ends up in the trash at Disney World. It's a topic I'm really excited about, and I feel like it has the potential of being another one of those 200k+ view videos. That is exactly why when I loaded up the footage I recorded that Saturday afternoon, I realized I had wasted an hour filming.

I looked like a mess. I was running on four hours of sleep. My allergies were killing me, which these days manifest in eyes that itch so much that I perpetually look like Charlie Sheen in Ferris Bueller. I was stepping over my own words and just generally felt like I had just rolled out of bed and in front of the camera.

Now typically, as in over the last 4 years of the channel, I would have just shrugged it off as a mistake that I'd have to make up for the next time I recorded. Oh well, it's not ideal, but am I really gonna spend another hour re-recording everything just because my eyes are a little red? It doesn't detract from the actual content of the script. I just embraced that idea of finishing the video to get started on the next one to the point where I wouldn't ever stop and go back.

However, considering this time how good I felt about the script, and how I felt it had the potential to pull in a lot of views, I asked myself: Is this what I want everyone to see when they watch it? Am I really going to put in the extra effort on the topic, and the script, and even plan out an animated sequence and then just half-ass the video? It was a question I often would ask myself whenever I'd go running and felt the urge to stop after the halfway mark. Am I really going to get this far and then stop there? If I do, I'll have done that first half for nothing.

So I deleted the footage and went to bed and got a full night of sleep. I put some moisturizer on my face and actually waited for my allergy meds to do their job, and I went back and recorded it all over again. 




Now I know it's not some night and day difference, but looking at these I can instantly tell which one is which, and when I look at that I wonder why I would have ever even considered putting out a video with the first recording.

No super deep moral of this story I suppose. I just realized in that moment that as this extra time I'm afforded this year allows me to go the extra mile with my content, I need to remember that the "extra mile" isn't always just a better script or slicker B-roll. Sometimes it's as simple as getting a full night of sleep and taking care of yourself.

On a personal related note, and perhaps a clever double meaning behind the title, I've gotten back into running again, and it feels great. My goal is to get myself up to a point where I can run 10Ks again (6.2 miles). At the present I can do about 2 miles before I need to slow down. So not even close, but I'm hoping by the end of May I can I say I've run a 5K again, which would be my first in a couple of years. 

Now, about that full night of sleep...