Something New


So I was originally going to write this last night, but I ended up spending a few hours playing around with the website layout instead.

I saw someone post a video yesterday for a web series in which a web designer walks the viewer through his process of improving and updating websites, touching upon the design concepts behind it. I found it really interesting despite not having any background in web design outside of a middle school level grasp of HTML from almost 20 years ago.

I realized I found it really interesting to watch because it was something entirely new for me. It wasn't another tutorial on video editing or After Effects or YouTube optimization or any of the other topics that I have been focused on for the last five years. It was just fresh and new.

I need to keep doing that. I need to keep using free time to explore new subjects and skills because it really just add a lot of energy to the day. 

Anyway that video made me load up and I realized that I wasn't really happy with it, so rather than going "well I'll figure out something later" I just loaded up a documentary to listen to (American Experience: The Race Underground - cool look at America's first subway system) and just played around with the site. 

Obviously this is Squarespace, so it's not like I'm writing any code or digging into the CSS or anything like that. I may end up never getting that far. But I at least sat there and thought about what purpose I wanted people to get from the page and what options and information I wanted them to see and where. I'm not done with it and for all I know I'll drastically change it up more before I am done with it.

I don't think it'll end up being some perfect example of good design, and I certainly don't think I'll even get close after just a few YouTube videos, but it's a good way to stay engaged and to play around with something new. It's something I need to remind myself to do more often.