Misc II


Once more I find myself without a central idea of theme for a post, so here are some more random thoughts and comments from the past week. 

You know, working with Wordpress over the last few days to try and get the skeleton put together for the new TTA website has made me appreciate Squarespace on a whole new level. Unfortunately, however, Squarespace is $12 a month per website, and for $3 a month I can get hosting for three Wordpress websites. So I guess I'll be putting up with Wordpress for now.

I worked on my finances yesterday, and it looks like at this pace I should have no problem continuing this little fun trip into 2019. That's good news. I also find myself less and less thinking about this as a "little temporary experiment" and more and more like "the next step". Even if the safety net gives way and the channel isn't enough to carry me, I'd sooner look for more freelance style work to pick up the slack than go right back to a 9-5.

The D&D play tests went great so far! As expected, the game itself is far from perfect, but it was fun to experiment with it and it felt good to play a RPG for the first time in what I think was three or four years. That said, something about the past few weeks have reorganized how I'm looking at the project.

Before I actually sat down to play, I felt like this could be it. The next big thing. Something that would hopefully surpass my channel and be the main focus. 

Now, not so much. That's not to say that I don't like the idea anymore or don't want to do it. Quite the opposite. Really though, I'm starting to temper myself and look at it for the fun side hobby it is. I still want to make the website, make the game, and make the podcast. I just think it'll end up similar to the TTA or Rob Plays Adventure Co, where it's secondary to the main channel.

I think this came about less from the testing and playing, and more from having this random renewed energy when it comes to the videos. I LOVE editing and I love taking an idea from a one sentence question and turning it into a full 5-10 minute video over the span of the week. I want everything I do to enable the continuation of that.

The last two videos, which were more about anaerobic digestion and the cold war than Disney itself, have me feeling more comfortable with the idea of eventually opening up to more general video topics that expand to other theme parks and entertainment. One of my goals is to find a good book about the history of the early 1900 boardwalk amusements and see if there's any interesting history there to make videos on.

This is going to be the first E3 ever where I'm completely free to watch all of the press conferences live. No meetings. No commuting. No classes. I'm excited!

I had another "I love this" moment the other night when on a whim I decided to experiment with new channel art. Didn't have to run it by anybody or draft choices for people or wait to move on it. Just had the thought, jumped into Photoshop, and a half hour later had something to put up there.

There are definitely flaws to this kind of free-for-all, but from a creative perspective I love it.