Home Alone


That last post was inspired by the fact that Kat went home to PA for the week to visit her family. So I believe this is the first week in which I'm totally alone while also working from home. I figured this would be an interesting experiment to see how different the experience was solo. I was curious as to whether all of those warnings I got about going stir crazy would apply.

It's only Wednesday night and let me tell you, I think I'd go crazy if this was my life.

The biggest mistake I made is that I went food shopping on the day she left, so with a fully stocked fridge, I literally have had no reason to leave the house over the last three days. 

The work part of the day is no different than when she's around. I focus on the work and I'm in my own world with my headphones on. So that was no problem. It's really the free time after work where I'm starting to get a little cabin fever.

The first two days were great. The first day was like a normal day alone. Played some games, watched some TV, did some extra work. The second day was also pretty good. I was playing through Detroit: Become Human, so I spent all of my free time just powering through that until I finished it. (Great game by the way)

Today is when I started to feel cooped up. I couldn't spend more than 30 minutes watching TV before I got bored, and I couldn't even bring myself to touch the PS4 after binge playing yesterday. I've collectively read about 25 issues worth of Star Wars comics, listened to about 5 episodes of "The History of Rome", and even cooked all my meals just to pad out the day.

Then I noticed that I kept hopping onto Rec Room, which is a multiplayer VR game that's comprised of a bunch of mini-games. It's a lot of fun (and free!), but it's a game I admittedly haven't touched in months. I wasn't sure why I suddenly felt the urge to play an old VR game until just a few hours ago when I realized: it was my way of getting out of the house without getting out of the house.

I had just spent two and half days not speaking to a single person, save for a few phone calls with Kat, and it drove me to an online multiplayer VR game just to feel like I was socializing. 

Anyway it's not like I'm trapped here. I'm hoping to get ahead of my work tonight so I can free up some time tomorrow to go out and go to the city or something. I just wanted to spend a few days indoors to see if it would really drive me crazy.

The short answer is yes, it probably would. So double thanks to Kat. I really would lose it if I had spent the last five months living and working alone.