Avoiding My Comfort Zone

Sorry it's been so long. Allergies have really thrown me off lately. Between the allergy meds throwing off my sleep even more than usual, and feeling pretty crappy anyway, I spent the last week stepping away from the computer whenever possible.

Numbers are still dropping on the channel, and oddly I'm not getting really worried about it. I mean I've spoken at length about it in the last post so I won't beat the dead horse. I just know I need to keep plugging away and focus on working on one (just one) new potentially viral video. First though I need to finish up the next op-ed video.

Actually out of everything going on, I'm feeling great about most of it. Episode 100 of the TTA is just 9 weeks away and we have some cool ideas planned for that, including new podcast art and potentially merch. The vlog channel is doing fine and remains strictly a hobby that has yet to feel like another layer of work. Rob Plays is still Rob Plays.

The only thing I'm really dragging my feet on at the moment is The New Hires. I'm not entirely sure why. Part of me thinks it's because it's the first creative project I've done in a while where I don't have the comfort of past experience.

With the videos, I've been editing since I was in the 8th grade. I don't think my videos actually got any good until I was in my late 20s, but even before that the entire practice felt familiar. Podcasts are similar. Even before The TTA, which we're not too far from the two year mark on, I had before that done three other podcasts. I even gave it a shot in college. So, again, it's something I feel really comfortable with even though I'm still learning.

But writing a custom RPG campaign that I'm going to DM using custom RPG rules I make? Never. That's brand new and every time I sit down to work on it every single part of the process feels so alien and unfamiliar to me that I just as quickly find myself looking for a distraction.

That's why I pushed forward with setting up the play tests. With those on the table, I can't drag my feet any longer. Without that commitment there, I in all honestly could see myself never finishing it enough to make the podcast a reality. 

So with less than a week until that first play test, it's time for me to sit down and stop delaying. I already have the initial rules. I even have the general plot for the campaign. I just need to finish that final mile so that I can finally get this ball rolling and improve, revise, and polish.

Oh yeah, and then after that I have to do it 5 more times before we're ready to go. No big deal