I figured the mosquito video would do better than the average history video, but I was not expecting this at all. It's currently at 58,000 views in just 38 hours. I'd have to go back and check, but I'm pretty sure that's the best first 48 hours of any video I've ever posted. It also brought in 421 new subscribers, which is the best in one day since the beginning of February. 

It's a great rush. Not so much the numbers as the thought that all these new people are finding and enjoying the channel. 

I wanted to ride that positive wave today and so I finally made a few concrete moves on the TTA Episode 100 projects. We have the beginnings of a t-shirt storefront all setup and I just ordered a test shirt to see how the quality of the design and shirt hold up. I also finished the design for the pin, which was a lot more work than I was expecting, and sent off the art to the pin manufacturer we're hoping to go with. If all goes well there, we should have pins in hand in about three weeks or so, which would be right before episode 100 goes live. Lastly, I spend the last few days just plugging away at the website, which is temporarily housed at

It's definitely a different look than the current website and design, and I know not everyone is going to love it, but I'm pretty happy with it. At this point we just need to finish up the Fan Art and Hosts page, and get the store links up there once those are ready. All in all, not a lot of work left considering we have about a month to go.

It all feels great. I think that a lot of the stress that came with these projects was the feeling of uncertainty caused by them all being so incomplete. It's like trying to complete a puzzle, except this puzzle doesn't have any edges. So that whole "where do we start?" aspect is extra stressful. Now that we have three fairly large pieces completed it's just a matter of filling in those gaps. 

As for how it all goes, well, I guess we'll see. The shirts I'm less worried about. Those are produced on a per-order basis, so if nobody wants those we're not out much beyond the hours I put into the logo and setting up the shop. The pins however? Those are scary.

There are no per-order custom enamel pin shops. We basically have to bulk order them ourselves, pay upfront for them, and then jump through all of the hoops to sell them. Beyond the cost of the pins that means the cost of packaging, the cost of maintaining a storefront, and the time dedicated to fulfilling orders and managing the books for it all. We would also need to get a PO Box so that we would have an address that isn't out home address for returns and any other correspondence. 

It's a lot to consider and maintain, and if it were for a full store of products I think it would be a no-brainier. That it's for just (at least for now) one pin design, it feels like a lot. The number is always changing because we're looking at all sorts of different options, but ultimately it's a pretty penny of upfront investment and we're ultimately not sure how it'll do.

Either way, it's still exciting. It's something new and different and I'm learning, and that's fun. It's all one great rush right now.

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