Holy crap, I'm exhausted. It has been an amazing three days.

It's funny to look back at the last post and see that I was blown away at 58,000 views. If that was blown away, I'm just completely gone now. Here are some stats from these past 72 hours.

2.2 million views. Not only the fastest growing video on my channel, but the most viewed now as well. It'll take a few days to really dig into the analytics, but it seems to have been a one-two punch of someone posting the video on Reddit while at the same time the YouTube algorithm randomly decided to favor it. Before I knew it, I was getting out of the movie theaters on Sunday night and the channel was averaging 1,300 views per minute. On a good day I'd get that kind of traffic in an hour. Needless to say I'm really happy, and for all of the obvious reasons that I won't drag on too much about.

The views mean that people were watching (and hopefully enjoying) the video. 2.2 million. If you went back to when I was in college and told me that one day over two million people would see my work, I'd write you off as a lunatic.

The 14,000 new subscribers put me that much closer to the 100k mark. We're about a day away from 80,000, and while I don't expect the video to keep doing so well that 90k and 100k are around the corner, they at least now feel like achievable goals this year.

Lastly, the spike in revenue is going to provide a new level of stability that'll ensure I get to keep doing this. This is the time where I have to remember that this is a grasshopper/ant situation. As much much as it would be awesome to make another Disney trip happen this year with part of this money, most of it is going back into savings. The rest will go towards next year's D23 trip. The extent of my celebratory spending was taking Kat out to dinner last night and ordering breakfast in this morning instead of cooking. I know, I'm such a party animal.

I want to really drive home how great this all feels, because the next part without that context will probably sound like I'm complaining about success. All of the following is such a minor drawback, and it's 100% worth dealing with. I just wanted to put it to words for the sake of remembering.

It is exhausting. I found myself somehow more physically tired than usual both nights, and had really messed up sleeping hours. I think it boiled down to two causes.

The first was the stress of just not knowing when it was going to stop or how far it was going to go. Every few hours I found myself setting a new milestone that I was sure the video would never hit. It was like some bizarre defense mechanism that I was putting into motion against myself. I wonder if it's because the stress of not knowing was draining me, and by setting these "failure goals" I was trying to convince myself that I did know what was going to happen. Even tonight as I type all this, I'm telling myself that surely the bulk of it is over and its all just a calm decline from here.

The second cause was just the work that went into moderating things. I'm sure bigger YouTubers would call me naive for thinking I could easily moderate comments on a video getting that many views, but I'm doing it. I don't care if people want to criticize the video, or throw shade at Disney. That's all well and good. I just hate that real low effort vile content that finds its way onto the internet thanks to emboldened anonymous hateful people. 

We all come across that stuff, and every time I do I wish I could just delete it off the internet. Well, this is finally the one time I can. I have seen more racist, homophobic, and bigoted comments in the last three days than I'd care to count, and I took great pleasure in getting to delete every single one off of the internet. You'd almost wonder how one can be any of those things in the comments for a video about mosquitoes at a theme park, but apparently the internet finds a way.

It was a time consuming task, especially in the AM when I would wake up and go through five hours worth of comments all at once, which amounted to hundreds in this case. It also ate into my productivity because by the time I would clear a batch of comments I would refresh and have a whole new batch to go through. Normally by now the next video would be all done and ready to go, but I ended up running behind because I spent so much time just watching the channel.

I learned that the better way to handle it mentally is to just break it up into large chunks. Totally ignore the channel for 3-4 hours at a time, then go through everything once, and then reset the clock. I'm going to stick to that tomorrow so that I can finish the next video. I guess to that end, I should probably go to bed now. 

Anyway, it's been a great weekend. Even if the channel never gets to 100k and I end up back at an office job a year from now, I'm never going to forget it.