Pushing Yourself


That mosquito video is now sitting at a little over 2.7 million views now. My channel, which was steadily seeing around 12,000 views a day has been leveling off this week at 120,000 views a day. The channel is growing faster than ever before, the video is doing better than any other, and I'm earning enough that for the first time continuing this whole pursuit into 2019 doesn't feel like an "if" but a "when". In short, I should be kicking back and soaking it all in right about now. 

However, I'm not.

I don't mean that in the "woe is me, I'm succeeding but I'm not happy" way. I mean that in the "now is not the time to get lazy. Now is the time to step it up to a new level"

This past week I've been watching a new series produced by Netflix and Vox called "Explained". They're short 15-20 minutes long mini-documentaries about all sorts of topics.

The trailer doesn't show off the style of the show too well, but there are little hints of it coming through. If you have Netflix I suggest checking it out.

The reason I bring it up is because upon watching it for the first time I was really energized by the editing style of these videos. They were longer form than your typical five minute Vox video, but they still had this really slick and beautiful visual style that the shorter videos always had. It had me watching the video all the way through. That's unusual for me, as I'm normally listening to documentaries more than I'm watching them while I get work done.

It made me realize that I couldn't just sit back and let myself stagnate. For the past year my style has been exactly the same. Clips of me talking to the camera inter-cut with either old Disney b-roll, new Disney b-roll, or still photos with a Ken Burns effect. One music track that just plays uninterrupted from beginning to end. Cue outro card. 

It's not a bad format, but I need to change it up and add more to it. I still want to keep doing 5-8 minute longer videos, and I've already spoken a few times to wanting to veer into other amusement/theme park topics, but beyond just that, I want to really improve my editing style. I don't want it to feel like an assembly line product. 

Obviously with the success of the Mosquito video, it's not as if the channel is sinking from it, but I am starting to feel the "same-ness" of putting together these videos every week, and if I'm starting to feel it now, it means it won't be long before everyone else starts to eventually feel it too.

So I've had my week of basking in luck and success, but now it's time to get to work and start earning that next "mosquito" video.