There Are Only Two Certainties in Life


It's been almost a full week since my last post, and for that, I apologize. In all honestly, I haven't written because as far as weeks go, it's been pretty quiet. I had that sudden twist where I decided to scrap the CV Wood video for a Pin Trading video but beyond that it's been a pretty run of the mill week. 

I have to do taxes this week because that's just the name of the game now. Taxes five times a year. It's the cost I must pay to make this my job, and honestly it's one I don't really mind doing. Is it weird if I go as far as to say I enjoy it a bit?

Working out revenues and expenses and taxes should be mind numbing, but there's something empowering about it when it's all yours. Not the money itself. I'll be sending Uncle Sam plenty of that this week. I just mean those numbers.

That revenue is revenue I earned with content I worked to make. Those expenses are decisions I had to make and a value I had to weigh. The bottom lines are all pieces of a puzzle that, when assembled, hopefully create an image where I get to keep doing this. Where the videos themselves are the soul of what I'm doing, the spreadsheets are the brain. 

In other news, I'm finding myself really torn about the TTA stuff coming up. I'm excited about everything planned. That's all fine. The part I'm torn on is whether or not to hire a designer to make our new logo or to keep trying to do it myself.

For the last 5+ years I've done all of my art myself. I won't pretend that it's amazing, but it's what I always went with because the few times I did hire a designer to work on something for me, I ultimately never liked it and couldn't properly communicate what I did want. 

So I've spent a few nights trying to mock up concepts for a new TTA logo, and I just can't come up with anything. I'm trying to give it a style that doesn't feel like a recreation or homage to the Disney ride, and in general we're leaning towards referring to the podcast as "The TTA" rather than "The Tomorrowland Transit Authorities" so that we don't anger the mouse in any way. The upside is that kind of frees us up to go in any direction we want with the style, while still keeping in mind that it'll represent a show that already has 100 episodes. This is resulting a pretty slow process. 

Any other project and that'd be fine. I'd embrace the time it takes and just keep at it until something comes along. However for this project we're five weeks away from Episode 100, and the goal is to relaunch a new website, new podcast art, and two new pieces of merch that use the logo. So time isn't on my side. Yet this is a logo that, ideally, we'll be sticking with from episode 100 and on. So I also don't want to rush things either.

When I know that the only bottleneck right now to all of this is my own brain, it gets me a little frustrated. Then again, when isn't the creative process frustrating? I'd take another 35 of these hair-pulling nights where I'm trying to think of something over another day just working on ads though.

That's the sort of thing I love in a twisted way. Just like doing the taxes.