All Is Well


I think this might have been the longest I've gone without updating. Honestly, I think it's because everything has been going so smoothly right now that there hasn't been one large topic occupying my mind. So with that said, I think I'll do another post of random thoughts:

Gym update: I've been hitting the gym 5-6 times a week these past few weeks, and it feels great. A little over 6 pounds down so far. A lot of people warn against tracking weight every day, as the spikes that are inevitable can sometimes be demoralizing. My solution to this is that my spreadsheet has both a day to day tracking of weight as well as a 7 day rolling average. The few days where I did go up, the average still crept down, so it still felt like a "win" for the day. 

As for the gym itself, I've been alternating days between the elliptical and running. I'm following the couch to 10k program on the treadmill, so I figured the elliptical on the off days would go a little easier on my legs. I think in a month or so I want to get back into weight training on those elliptical days.

All in all, I'm feeling good and I'm doing my best to make sure I don't stop between now and that cruise.

While on the elliptical the other day I had an idea for a new Rob Plays logo. It was this old style television set with an exaggerated shape, with some form of RP on the screen. This isn't what I went with (as evidenced by the watermark), but it was the closest to what I imagined when I did some Googling


Now, I pretty quickly dropped the idea, but I'm glad I had the idea to begin with because it really highlighted the crux of my problem.

I ultimately dropped it because, well, my content has nothing to do with TV. I really thought of it just because I love the visual of a TV like that. However when I thought about it not matching up with my content, it really highlighted all of the inconsistencies I'm trying to work around:

  • At nearly 100k subscribers, I feel like re-branding is simply out of the picture. After nearly 6 years of Rob Plays That Game and Rob Plays, I feel like drastically renaming the channel would be a mistake and I'd be throwing away a lot of "social capital." I feel like Rob Plays is kind of locked-in at this point.
  • I don't want a logo with any Disney visuals. Primarily because I'm terrified of the legal team over with the mouse, but also because I don't want that to be the image tied to the channel. After all, with plans to keep dipping my toes into the waters of non-Disney related history, I want that avenue to be clear in case I ever did decide to open the channel up to general history.
  • I have a channel named "Rob Plays" that is primarily about history. How do I tie those two together? Not only that, but how do I tie them together in a way that leans away from "Plays" being used often in gaming channels?

I guess it wasn't random thoughts as much as it was just those two specific thoughts. The branding one is really a pickle for me. Normally I have a general sense of what I need to do, but in this case I'm pretty stumped.

I blame it being summer. Normally most of my ah-ha! moments happen while taking a long hot shower. That's my quiet brainstorming space, but since it's been humid as hell and 80-90 degrees all month (thanks, summer) I've just been taking quick cold showers before retreating back into the air conditioning. 

I'll think of something.