More Random Thoughts


Another few days of things going smoothly, so another set of shorter random thoughts!

I've noticed that I'm not paying attention to my channel numbers nearly as much as I usually do. I wonder if it has anything to do with being so close to 100k. Like perhaps the emphasis on that one number makes all the others seem less important. 

I need to really put some TLC into the Rob Plays Adventure Co. I ended up having to scrap the Hershey Park vlogs because a travel mix-up resulted in us not being able to go. I think my automatic thought was that without vlogs, there's nothing to put on the channel itself. Yet I should really take advantage of the ability to do stuff at home like trip announcements and planning videos leading up to the trips.

I also really need to put some TLC into my Instagram and figure out what to do with my Facebook page. I think my plan is to bring both cameras to Disney World next month and since I'll be able to move at my own pace for most of the trip, I really want to play around with photography at the parks. It's 124 days between the end of this next trip and the start of the January trip. If I can take enough photos so that I end up with 62 really good worthy photos, I can get into the habit of posting on Instagram every other day. 

I'm not aiming to become some Insta-influencer or anything, but there's a really large Disney community on Instragram and so I think if I stay active and healthy on there it can be a good way to grow.

As for Facebook, I dunno. I find myself active on YouTube because I use YouTube. I'm active on Twitter because I use Twitter. I even try to be active on Instagram because otherwise I'm still on Instagram following my friends. Facebook though? I can't remember the last time I actually used it. Of course today there are plenty of political and socially related reasons to ditch it as a platform, but truth be told I don't even get to that point. I simply don't use it because three social networks is more than enough for me. Same reason I don't touch Snapchat. 

So I feel bad when I see people like the Rob Plays page and I don't really do anything with it. YouTube videos linked on the platform are pretty much dead on arrival, and I don't want to cannibalize my own views by uploading Facebook videos. There might have been a day where the page would have been good for fun Disney polls and other channel recommendations, but these days that's what the YouTube community tab is for. So do I try to find a use for it? Do I leave it up and inactive just in-case I want to use it again someday? Or do I just shut it down?

I've got no plans for it yet, but I'm not sure.

I need to stop staying up until 3am. I'm getting better at running at the gym, but it only works out in my favor when I'm getting enough sleep. 

Ten pounds down. Many many more to go. 

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