Ready to Turn


Today Kat and I went to the The Museum of the Moving Image to see a 70mm print screening of Hello, Dolly! with her sister Meg and Meg's boyfriend Chris. This required a trip to Astoria, which is in Queens. Now if you're not from the city, a trip from Queens to Queens sounds like it shouldn't be that bad, and you'd be right: it shouldn't.

However the reality is that for some reason all of our subway lines like to go east to west, and the lion's share of north to south lines are just in Manhattan. The result is that in order for us to get from the southern part of queens to the northern part, we have to go all the way into Manhattan, and then all the way out of Manhattan again.

All of this just being an overly wordy way of saying we had a long train ride today. So in order to keep myself occupied, I jumped ahead a couple of weeks and picked up a book on Tiki culture in the US as part of my research for the video after next week's. While I already knew some of the basics from a past video, such as the initial influence coming from troops who served in the Pacific during WWII, the book went into some pretty great detail in regards to how it spread and how the Tiki music in the states evolved.

It all felt really refreshing to read. It's something I've spoken to before here on the blog, but it's just really enjoyable to dip into material that's totally new to me. It doesn't just make the learning part fun, but it adds a layer of energy to wanting to teach others about it. Between that and these last few weeks of cruise videos, I'm just really ready to start leaning more into it.

So I have a feeling that when I get back from Disney next month, I'm going to start making that turn into looser Disney history. I still don't see a day where I start posting completely unrelated history videos, but I'm growing more and more excited at the idea of teaching, to put it poorly, "real" history that related to Disney history. The question, however, is what that'll mean for how the channel performs.

Oh yeah and Hello, Dolly! was fantastic.