7 to go


93,200 subscribers tonight! Just 6,800 to go! It's starting to feel unreal. While the 90k mark felt like it was just a matter of time, it was still far enough away that it didn't feel real yet. That seemed like yesterday, and now we're over a quarter of the way there.

I've been in full on content mode these past few weeks with the channel, which is to say that I haven't been paying much attention to my views or the platform, and have putting more time than usual into researching and writing. 

This water video was a nice break, since the script was short and the video itself was only 5 minutes or so, but I'm right back at it with the Tiki Culture video, which is now a 4 page script and a currently 13 minute long video. I've embraced the truth that a video should only ever be as long as it needs to be, so I don't mind making 10+ videos, but the editor part of my brain right now is going "Roooob, you're going to have to fill 13 minutes of b-roll. What are doing?"

I'm curious to see how this video does. Similar to the Hotel del Coronado video, it's super light on the Disney and leans more into the culture as a whole. It's the kind of topic I've had fun reading and writing about, but it has yet to be seen if people will want to watch it.

In other news, I'm catching a cold with just seven days left until my Disney trip, so that's fun. I decided to be proactive about it, and used this slower day to record next week's video, get a haircut early, and start hitting that Day and NyQuil early. I figure with a full week, I can get over it before my flight.

I'm really starting to get excited for the trip. I'm excited to meet folks like Dan and Jack. I'm excited to meet a few subscribers who will be down around the same time. I'm excited to try that Disney Play App and get sick eating those Not So Scary snacks. I'm especially excited to vlog!

I still don't fully know how I'll be approaching the vlogging, but that's the part that excites me. Not to say that I'm not excited when I go on group trips, but I think both the change of going solo and the absolute freedom to do what I want at whatever pace I want that comes from it means that I'll be able to experiment. 

I've been thinking of building a structure around a set of rules of how to film what. For instance, I'm big into the filmmaking rule of "show don't tell". So I want to bar myself from doing the selfie shot where I explain either what I'm about to go do or what I just did. If I have time to do that, then I have time to actually film whatever it is and show it. I want to reserve that style of shot for instances where maybe something crazy happened that I need to recount because I wasn't about to film it fast enough. 

I want to establish locations. I do it a little in the other vlogs, mainly when I remember to. It takes all of a minute or two to record 4 or 5 shots of a ride's exterior and that footage goes a long way in establishing to the viewer "hey, we're here now"

I definitely want more creatively styled footage so that I can create short interstitial montages. 

In short, I think one of my goals is to (at least for one of the days) manage to record and capture the ENTIRE day, but cut it in a unique and digestible way. If I can make a vlog that's only 15 minutes long, but leaves people feeling the same sense of exhaustion that comes at the end of a fully packed day at Disney World, I'll have succeeded.

In any case, trying to knock out this cold early means heading to bed early, so I'm going to cut off the post here. I might write more about the vlogging this week though because I find the ideas come more easily when I'm writing about it. 

Until next time!