Catching Up


Yesterday an old co-worker of mine reached out to inform me that the smiling chip guy photo that I left in the vending machine on my last day of work there was still up. I didn’t think would actually last this long. With that machine being emptied and refilled twice a week, I was convinced that the person tasked with stocking it would notice it right away and take it down. I probably overestimated how much he’d care.


In any case, we ended up catching up which led to me getting invited to a company happy hour that night. I figured it’s been eight months, so it’d be nice to see everyone again and catch up with them as well.

I feel like I’m writing all of this as if it’s going to peak with some really interesting reversal or lesson, but that’s basically it. I got to see all of my old co-workers and it was really nice. For as much as I don’t miss having a 9-5, and as much as I don’t miss working in advertising, I did actually miss a lot of my coworkers.

I also ended up being one of the last people there because unlike everyone else at the event, I didn’t have to be in the office at 9am the next morning.

I know it’s not really a deep insight into this year so far, but to be honest I haven’t had much else to write about lately. I’ve hit a comfortable rhythm now that the Disney trip is over and so there aren’t a ton of concerns lately. Financially speaking I seem clear to keep this up until at least next summer, so I’m not ever stressing about the meta of “how long can I keep this going?”

The channel isn’t growing as fast as I’d like at the moment, but it’s still growing, and that’s just the ebb and flow of the YouTube algorithm, so it’s not worth stressing over that either.

All in all, it’s a nice calm month.