Panic? PANIC! No panic.


Numbers haven't been looking too hot this past month, and I'm not really sure why.

Luckily I'm not freaking out or anything. That said, I definitely want to try and fix it. I'm just not sure how.  The freaking out approach would be to look at my most popular videos, go "why are they popular?" and then try to emulate them. I'm avoiding that because that seldom actually works. Another freaking out approach would be to jack up the melodrama level on titles and thumbnails, but eww, that's gross. So no to that.

Instead, I'm trying to go the "how can I improve my videos some more and revitalize the channel for both subscribers and newcomers?" route. Right now I have next week's video all written up and ready to produce, but this last month of numbers has me really considering what kind of topics I should be focusing on for the next few months. More operational stuff? More ride stuff? Come to think of it, I haven't done a video on rides themselves in ages. Longer videos? Shorter videos? Do I do another month of a multi-part series? What would strike the perfect balance of feeling fresh and new while still being the same type of content people have come to expect from the channel?

At the same time I'm wondering if the content itself is fine, and whether or not I just need to refresh my YouTube game. Perhaps there's a new approach to descriptions and cards I need to work on. Maybe I need to go through my last 20 videos and update those cards, or reorganize playlists. For all I know there's just a new algorithm change that is causing the dip.

Sounds like one way or another I'm going to be spending some time in analytics and playing detective.

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