One Year In


It has been over a year since I quit my job and started a full-time attempt at running the channel. That feels so strange to write, because in some ways it feels like it’s been the longest year of my life, and in others it feels like it’s flown by.

I guess the obvious big win is that I’m still here. My initial plan was to give it a year and to find another 9-to-5 advertising job if it didn’t go well after the 12 months. I’m happy to report that I’m not seeking another 9-to-5. That said, the channel isn’t quite yet at the point where it’s a safe full time endeavor. So for now it’s more like the one-year experiment has grown into a one-and-a-half year experiment. My main focus of the next few months is finding a satisfying way to make it a safe full time endeavor. By satisfying I mean I don’t want to just throw anything at the wall to make money and hope something sticks. At the end of the day I want to make sure I’m doing right by my subscribers. I know that sounds super vague and rose-tinted, but what I essentially mean is that I realize it’s a very lucky and fragile thing that viewers are willing to financially support the channel and so I want to make sure I value that by making sure things like Patreon perks are worth it, or by making sure stuff like merch is thought out and high-quality.

I also got to work on projects that never would have been possible due to the time constraints of my old job, whether it was the three-part series on the Disney Cruise Line or the two-part series on Disney’s Celebration, or the Charityland stream with Dan and Kevin.

I got to meet so many awesome people, including some of you reading this as well as other great Disney creators. It almost feels weird to say, but six years into the channel, it feels like I only just got started this year.

And now, while nothing is set in stone and no plans are in motion, the prospect of potentially moving to Florida to make some of our dreams easier to achieve is being talked about. It’s exciting, and in some ways scary. It’d be a major change and it’d be the removal of a safety net that allowed me to take this first leap. However if I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that sometimes those scary major decisions leads you down the best paths possible.

I don’t know what 2019 will bring, and I'm trying to stay grounded and remind myself that this could still very well end with me back at an office job, but I’m ready to see where this road leads. I’m thankful that you’re all with me for the ride.

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