New Year! New Goals!


It’s amazing how refreshing it can feel to just sit down and go over your plans and revise them. Sometimes that introduces scary elements, but if I’ve learned anything this year it’s that sometimes scary change is good.

On the Patreon front, I just sat down the other day and gave the campaign a fresh coat of paint. It involved dropping a perk, expanding a perk, and adding two new perks. On top of that I made new art for the main page and made some revisions to the writing. All in all it felt great. However one of the new perks, the exclusive postcards, was a bit scary to commit to. It will be my first step into the world of physical rewards for the campaign. On paper it’s not that big of a deal. I know I can manage the logistics of getting the cards made and written out and mailed off. However it’s still a commitment, and when it’s a commitment to my Patrons, it’s not one I take likely.

Still though. After sleeping on it and showering on it and just talking it over multiple times, I finally pushed the concern aside and pulled the trigger. I’m going to formally announce it this weekend, and that’s when I’ll start to work on the first fulfillment.

I’m also finally getting started on a collaborative project that I’m INSANELY excited for. I can’t speak about it too much yet because it is collaborative and I don’t want to go into detail until it’s public out of respect for the others taking part. The short version is that the Disney D&D project is re-born as something that will hopefully be very fun.

Like the Patreon changes though, it is also a little scary. It’s playing D&D which is role playing, and while I’m comfortable winging a discussion about Disney or reading off a teleprompter, I can’t say I’ve done much entertainment acting before. This will be improve role playing with people I know, but have never improved with before. So it’s definitely outside of my comfort zone.

I’m doing it anyway. The entirety of 2018 was outside of my comfort zone, and it ended up being the best year of my life (so far.)