Creative Itch


I love what I do. When I look back at how my taste in work has changed over the years I get a kick out of it. I remember being in college and having this disinterest in documentaries that was so absolute. I was into production, and from a production standpoint the very idea of a documentary bored me to death. To me, the genre entailed recording as much as possible all the time, and then hoping months later that there was a story in all that footage worth carving out.

While an editing feat, it was nowhere near as impressive as crafting a story from nothing, and carefully considering and choosing every shot for every scene to tell that story in the best way possible. It wasn’t the same as filming take after take to get that perfect performance.

Documentaries were capturing real life at a time when I felt real life was boring. It was probably some extension of me thinking on some level that my life was boring. It was likely the same drive for escapism that has made me a lifelong fan of video game and theme parks and movies.

Obviously none of that is the case today. I eventually realized that many times real life is more interesting than the movies, and now I spend every week looking for those interesting stories so that I can share them with the internet. It’s been the most fun I’ve ever had working.

Yet, I still have some days where I get that creative itch to dive back into the world of fiction. It’s usually set off by watching something particularly creative or impactful. Today, it was getting into the first couple of episode of the new show Umbrella Academy on Netflix.

I had never heard of the comic and had never heard of it being turned into a show. I just loaded up Netflix one day and there was the trailer. It’s still exciting to just come across something new and refreshing.

I don’t see myself ever getting into production again. Days on the set are long and riddled with problem after problem. Everything is far more expensive then you plan for. It’s stress turned up to 11. But I don’t know, maybe one of these days I’ll sit down again and try to write something. Something completely unrelated to Disney or theme parks or YouTube.