"Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."

The Disneyland Story by Sam Gennawey

The cover makes this book look like one of the many annual guidebooks to vacationing in Disney, however in actuality it's a wonderful and in-depth look back at the history of the building and operation of Disneyland in California, from the day Walt purchased land to the opening of Disney's California Adventure.

Realityland by David Koenig

Much in the same way The Disneyland Story is a fantastic look back at the history of Disneyland, Realityland is similarly a wonderful look at the construction and opening of Walt Disney World in Florida. It goes into the practical issues of building the parks, as well as it's growth over the years.

Cleaning the Kingdom by Lynn Barron & Ken Pellman

While less of a history book, Cleaning the Kingdom is a fascinating look at the work that goes into being a member of the custodial staff at Disneyland, and what it takes to preserve the magic by keeping it clean behind-the-scenes. There's even a chapter with a bunch of gross anecdotes!