Who are you?

I'm Rob! I am a YouTuber from New York City who makes a new video every week all about Disney. I also have a weekly podcast that I co-host with my best friend Christine about Disney called the Tomorrowland Transit Authorities!

I have an idea/question for one of your videos, want to hear it?

Sure! The best way you can submit a question or topic for a future YouTube video is by commenting on my latest YouTube video. Beyond that you can submit a question via this website's contact page. You can also tweet the topic or question to me at @RobPlays on Twitter.

I have my very own Disney Minecraft server! Can you review it?

I've actually stepped away from covering Minecraft related content over the past year. I loved my time spent on the various Minecraft Disney servers over the years and love that many continue to flourish, but after over five years with the game, I'm ready to set Minecraft aside and move on to new ventures. If you have a Disney server you'd like for me to check out, feel free to send the details my way and I'll be happy to explore it when I can. That said I no longer make video content about any Minecraft servers.

What's your advertising policy?

OK so this one isn't frequently asked, but as it becomes a bigger issue in the YouTube community, I feel it's important to be transparent. 

I am open to doing paid promotion or advertising in the future to support the channel, but seeing as how my word is all I have, it's very important to me that the service or product I promote is something I can stand behind. I also promise that as per FCC law, any advertising I do on my video will not only be disclosed in the video description, but will also be called out in the video itself at the start of the promotion. 

When are you going to be on MC Magic-Palace Network/MC Parks/etc next?

With complete honesty probably not soon. I loved my time with the MC Magic community and think it's great that the server is still going, as well as other Disney servers out there. That said as I've moved on from Minecraft, I don't load it up anymore these days. 

Can you promote/plug/subscribe to my channel?

Probably not. If I do any collaborative work, I'll obviously promote that person's channel/podcast/etc since that's part of why people collaborate, and if I find anything organically that I like I'll usually call it out in my videos or podcasts, but beyond that I don't do any channel promotion. I look at it this way: the value of a promotion or plug is in it's rarity and authenticity. If I get into the habit of promoting every channel I'm asked to in my videos, people will eventually tune them out and then nobody benefits. 

What happened to Rob Plays Those Games?

I decided in May of 2016 to focus my energies on doing one thing well, as opposed to doing multiple things and stretching myself out too thin. Running a single YouTube channel in a way to grow it is a lot of hard work and a big time commitment, two channels doubly so. If the day ever comes that I get to quit my day job and pursue YouTubing full time, it might give me the added hours to return to Rob Plays Those Games and give it another shot. However until then I'm now all about Disney content.