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Disney Kingdoms: Enchanted Tiki Room

If you're new to the series, Disney Kingdoms is a series of short-run comic books based on attractions and ideas at Disney. Out of them, this series is by far my favorite. It follows the four birds of the Enchanted Tiki Room as they deal with the pressures of performing the same show every night along with a series of families as they visit the tropical island the show is set on. The humor in this series is really dry and it's probably one of the few times I've laughed out loud while reading a comic book.

The Backstories and Magical Secrets of Walt Disney World (Vol 1) by Christopher E. Smith

It's often said that every attraction and every area of the park has a backstory, even if it's not easily noticed by most of the guests. This book goes into detail describing the backstory for all of the attractions, shops, and other areas within Main Street USA, Liberty Square, and Frontierland! The book also occasionally dips into the real life history behind the development of the rides and lands, especially when that history ties into the backstories they're given! This is a great read right before you head down to Walt Disney World if you're looking to appreciate the park on a whole extra level! 

Disney Kingdoms: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

While this isn't laugh-out-loud funny in the way the Enchanted Tiki Room series is, I love how this series really fleshes out the backstory of the world of the runaway train ride. Even better, it does so in a complimentary way to the ride so that when you go back and pay close attention to the details of the ride queue, you'll find connections between these comics and the ride. It's a fantastic way to add depth to an attraction without being there to ride it!

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow

This is an interesting read for sure (and dealing with some adult themes, it's not for children.) This book takes place in a far future where death is no longer a problem and life has gotten so easy that all work done is voluntary. In such a world, The Magic Kingdom is entirely staffed with volunteer fans of the Disney Parks, and the park itself is split into separate lands that are independently governed. Conflict arises when the workers from one land want to step in to upgrade and alter a beloved Disney World classic, The Haunted Mansion. 

Quotable Walt Disney

This book is exactly what you think it is, a fun collection of Walt Disney quotes. You won't learn much about Disney history here, but you'll get some insight to the man behind it all. The quotes in this book are all split up into categories, ranging from the parks and business to family life and creativity.